In our workshop restoring Gypsy Caravans and Showman's Wagons we have found that nothing really beats vintage quality hand tools, proper tools made in  Britain or the USA before steel was soft and rubbish, when Sheffield was the city where the Worlds finest steel was honed into the best hand tools available.

We know that there are still some top class manufacturers making wonderful tools, but restored vintage tools are more affordable and just as good as the very best new ones. Well, we think so anyway.

We buy a lot of old tools, its an affliction that many wood workers will be all too aware of. We just love fettling them back to glory and there are few things quite as satisfying as turning a rusted piece of junk back into a superb working tool and using it on a decent bit of timber.

Here at The Wareham Woodshop we have both decent timber and excellent vintage tools. We often generate a surplus of a particular tool and these we can sell on.

We want you to try a tool before you buy it. Feel the balance and see if its right for you. Compare it to a modern equivalent and spot the difference in weight and quality.