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Teak - Tectona grandis

Widely and deservedly regarded as one of the very finest timbers in the world, old growth Burma Teak is all but extinct to the timber trade since the 1980's when Burma imposed a belated moratorium on its felling and export after centuries of rampant exploitation.

Tectona grandis is grown commercially on plantations from the USA to India - but doesn't rate anywhere near the Old Growth Burma original for its strength, durability and sheer class.

Our Burma Teak is at least 75 years old, salvaged from one of the last ocean liners to have a Teak deck (most are plastic these days), we have planed and thicknessed it just enough to clean it up and have limited stocks available for special projects for boat builders etc who need the genuine article because nothing else is quite as good quite simply.

When its gone, its gone. I doubt there are any more ships to be scrapped that still have genuine Burma Teak timbers.

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