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Our British Timbers are locally sourced within Purbeck and Dorset. Hardwoods are often wind-fall and end of life trees from local estates whilst softwoods are from local forests.  

We believe strongly in a sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chain and some of our Douglas Fir and Scots Pine supply is felled by hand and then dragged out by horses to be collected for milling by our local sawyer. Because we buy timber direct from the forester and have it sawn ourselves we are free from the fluctuations of the regular merchant supply market and can hold our prices for longer.

Our mill is sited behind our unit in Wareham allowing us to swiftly cut bespoke timbers to size. Large beams in almost any British timber we stock can be produced within a week. We also collect and buy local timbers as well as offering a milling service for your own trees.

All our tropical hardwoods are FSC certified and we review this regularly to ensure we only source through sustainable and managed forestries.

We have good stocks of most of our range at our Wareham workshop, much larger stocks are kept at another yard and can be on site within a week at most usually.

We often have additional stocks not listed on our main menu. These are usually too limited in quantity to warrant a page and our Facebook Page is worth keeping an eye on for such special items.

We are pleased to be able to offer a postage service for timbers, using whichever company offers the best rate on the day we can send anything from small offcuts to slabs anywhere in the UK. Local delivery for claddings, beams, posts etc we can do ourselves, price dependant on postcode and volume.

You are welcome to try out our vintage restored tools. See what a 50 year old plane feels like compared to a modern one. Test a pre-war Saw, feel the balance and find out the difference between a proper rip saw and a modern disposable jack saw. We use quality vintage hand tools ourselves on our restorations for a reason - they are simply better! 

Any tools we sell have been carefully restored to the best working condition and fine tuned to operate as their makers intended. We want and expect you to try them out before buying and if you need them sharpened again one day pop back in and we will do it for a small fee for you.


Foresters horses taking a well-earned break

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