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Birch Plywood 

Our Birch Plywood is rated 'BB', long grain FSC Russian Birch, the best we can get and we us a lot of it ourselves. Its excellent profile and beautiful finish lends itself to modern furniture making. It finishes very well and takes varnishes and oils perfectly. Structurally strong and stable its simply the best around.

Few local suppliers even stock it and when they get it in its always expensive. We believe our price is the best locally - and we actually have it!

We have large stocks of good sized offcuts as well as boards from 9mm to 24mm. Perfect for projects when the finish has to be excellent.

The price of all plywoods has risen by about 3% weekly since the start of the year and whilst we can sell our offcuts at the pro-rata rate from purchase date back in February 2021, full boards will be sold at current market price. We will still aim to beat any local price if at all possible.

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