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English Oak - Quercus robur

Despite being the most plentiful tree in Britain its not always an easy timber to acquire. Most timber merchants stock American White Oak instead and few large dealers stock it at all. When it is available its from saw mills usually and sold by the board with live edges. We do stock live edge boards, but few hobbyists have the machine tools and space to work timber at that size so we cut it down to more manageable boards and can offer it sized, planed and thicknessed to suit.

Few timbers can compare with prime English Oak, available as PAR joinery timber, cookies, or live edge slabs in all their different forms - Pippy, Burred and Figured. Seasoned or Green.

Works well with both hand and machine tools its the king of British timbers

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'Green Oak' garden gate

Green Oak is fresh sawn and freshly felled oak. Far easier to work than seasoned oak its great for exterior projects, oak framing and especially good for gates!

We always have good stocks of green oak available in boards, slabs and beams up to 6.5m long.

We prefer to use oak pegs to fix green oak, its tannins may quickly rot nails and screws and in any case - pegs just look great!

Carving a massive green oak half boule for a roadside sign.

Green oak is a joy to carve and will last decades.

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Kiln dried oak floorboards.

200 x 22 x up to 4200

Other sizes available

Our character oak flooring is kiln dried for stability, green and air dried oak is also available. 

Whilst we can machine tongue and groove jointing if required these boards are especially produced for authentic heritage flooring projects where a mass-produced engineered perfect finish is undesirable. 

We plane and thickness these to order from as little as £120 m2 plus vat

oak floorboards, heritage oak flooring, character oak, oak, oak flooring
oak bench, green oak, bespoke design, oak
oak, green oak, oak joint, mortice and tenon

Oak bench - bespoke small works are a speciality and we always have a great selection of oak in the show room. Customers will often choose a piece and ask us to create something to their own specification. This was a present for a spouse.

Green Oak bespoke porch.

From £1800 plus vat we will design and build your perfect green oak porch exactly the way you want ti using locally grown prime English Oak.

green aok, green oak tenon, oak, oak porch
green oak porch, oak porch, green oak, oak, bespoke joinery
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