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We supply a number of different cladding options. In stock and off the shelf we always have Larch waney edge boards - one or two live bark edges, perfect for a rustic yet smart cladding thats cost effective, durable and beautiful.

Other options are Western Red Cedar, Sweet Chestnut and Oak - either with or without live edges.

For smart and contemporary cladding we also produce cedar boards at 150 x 25mm planed one side.

Larch Waney Edge Cladding - 3600 x 150 to 250mm by 18mm thick £3.50/m plus vat

Extra Wide larch - 250 to 350mm wide at 3.6 or 4.8 £5.21/m

Western Red Cedar 150 x 25 x 3600 square edge, planed one side £9.50/m plus vat

150mm larch featheredge £3.50/m plus vat

Oak and chestnut from £6.60/m plus vat

We can match any profile of existing timber in any timber we stock. 

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