Steel Fabrication


We have recently purchased the contents of our local forge upon the retirement of our longstanding blacksmith..

Whilst we have had welding capability for several years ourselves this now means that we can greatly expand our in-house fabrications, ensuring our supply chain is even more secure.

Our parent company, The Dorset Wagon Co Ltd, designs, builds and restores Showman's Wagons, Gypsy Caravans, Shepherd's Huts and Train Carriages at our larger factory unit behind the timber show room. Steel fabrication is an essential part of hat we do and we are delighted to be able to opffer our skilled bespoke services to all who might require it.

WE can design and build bespoke trailr chassis, repair vintage trailers, fabricate table bases, bespoke brackets, gates, fencing, estate fencing and much more besides. 

If you have any steel fabrication needs we are availabl to discuss yoyr requirements and offer a wide range of services

  • Paint spraying

  • polishing

  • welding

  • sand blasting

  • lathe works and engraving

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Our well equipped workshop can fabricate almost anything!

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